aGrUM  0.15.0
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 NgumCopyright 2005-2019 Pierre-Henri WUILLEMIN et Christophe GONZALES (LIP6) {prenom.nom}
 NstdSTL namespace
 CEstimatorClass for estimating tools for approximate inference
 CKLKL is the base class for KL computation betweens 2 BNs
 CScoreMDLClass for computing MDL scores
 CTiCppRCBase class for reference counting functionality
 CTiXmlAttributeAn attribute is a name-value pair
 CTiXmlBaseTiXmlBase is a base class for every class in TinyXml
 CTiXmlCommentAn XML comment
 CTiXmlDeclarationIn correct XML the declaration is the first entry in the file
 CTiXmlDocumentAlways the top level node
 CTiXmlElementThe element is a container class
 CTiXmlHandleA TiXmlHandle is a class that wraps a node pointer with null checks; this is an incredibly useful thing
 CTiXmlNodeThe parent class for everything in the Document Object Model
 CTiXmlPrinterPrint to memory functionality
 CTiXmlStylesheetReferenceA stylesheet reference looks like this:
 CTiXmlTextXML text
 CTiXmlUnknownAny tag that tinyXml doesn't recognize is saved as an unknown
 CTiXmlVisitorIf you call the Accept() method, it requires being passed a TiXmlVisitor class to handle callbacks