aGrUM  0.14.2
BayesNet_tpl.h File Reference

Template implementation of BN/BayesNet.h class. More...

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 gum is the global namespace for all aGrUM entities


template<typename GUM_SCALAR >
NodeId gum::build_node (gum::BayesNet< GUM_SCALAR > &bn, std::string node, gum::Size domainSize)
template<typename GUM_SCALAR >
INLINE std::ostream & gum::operator<< (std::ostream &output, const BayesNet< GUM_SCALAR > &bn)
 Prints map's DAG in output using the Graphviz-dot format. More...

Detailed Description

Template implementation of BN/BayesNet.h class.

Pierre-Henri WUILLEMIN and Lionel TORTI

Definition in file BayesNet_tpl.h.