aGrUM  0.18.1
a C++ library for (probabilistic) graphical models
gum::Exception Class Reference

Base class for all aGrUM's exceptions. More...

#include <exceptions.h>

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Public Member Functions

const std::string what () const
const std::string errorContent () const
 Returns the message content. More...
const std::string errorType () const
 Returns the error type. More...
const std::string errorCallStack () const
 Returns the error call stack. More...
Class constructors & destructors
 Exception (const std::string aMsg="", const std::string aType="Generic error")
 Exception (const Exception &e)
 ~Exception ()

Protected Attributes

std::string msg_
std::string type_
std::string callstack_

Detailed Description

Base class for all aGrUM's exceptions.

Definition at line 106 of file exceptions.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Exception() [1/2]

gum::Exception::Exception ( const std::string  aMsg = "",
const std::string  aType = "Generic error" 

◆ Exception() [2/2]

gum::Exception::Exception ( const Exception e)

◆ ~Exception()

gum::Exception::~Exception ( )

Definition at line 122 of file exceptions.h.

References msg_, and what().

122 {}
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Member Function Documentation

◆ errorCallStack()

const std::string gum::Exception::errorCallStack ( ) const

Returns the error call stack.

Returns the error call stack.

Definition at line 147 of file exceptions.h.

References callstack_.

147 { return callstack_; }
std::string callstack_
Definition: exceptions.h:110

◆ errorContent()

const std::string gum::Exception::errorContent ( ) const

◆ errorType()

const std::string gum::Exception::errorType ( ) const

Returns the error type.

Returns the error type.

Definition at line 141 of file exceptions.h.

References type_.

141 { return type_; }
std::string type_
Definition: exceptions.h:109

◆ what()

const std::string gum::Exception::what ( ) const

Definition at line 128 of file exceptions.h.

References msg_.

Referenced by ~Exception().

128 { return type_ + " : " + msg_; }
std::string type_
Definition: exceptions.h:109
std::string msg_
Definition: exceptions.h:108
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Member Data Documentation

◆ callstack_

std::string gum::Exception::callstack_

Definition at line 110 of file exceptions.h.

Referenced by errorCallStack().

◆ msg_

std::string gum::Exception::msg_

Definition at line 108 of file exceptions.h.

Referenced by errorContent(), what(), and ~Exception().

◆ type_

std::string gum::Exception::type_

Definition at line 109 of file exceptions.h.

Referenced by errorType().

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