aGrUM  0.14.1
OMPThreads_inl.h File Reference

OpenMP wrappers implementation. More...

#include <agrum/agrum.h>
#include <agrum/core/OMPThreads.h>
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 gum is the global namespace for all aGrUM entities


bool gum::isOMP ()
 Is OMP active ? More...
void gum::setNumberOfThreads (unsigned int number)
 Set the number of threads to be used. More...
unsigned int gum::getMaxNumberOfThreads ()
 Returns the maximum number of threads at any time. More...
unsigned int gum::getThreadNumber ()
 Get the calling thread id. More...
unsigned int gum::getNumberOfRunningThreads ()
 Get the current number of running threads. More...
unsigned int gum::getNumberOfLogicalProcessors ()
 Get the number of logical processors. More...
void gum::setNestedParallelism (bool value)
 Set nested parallelism (false bu default). More...
bool gum::getNestedParallelism ()
 Get nested parallelism status. More...
void gum::setDynamicThreadsNumber (bool value)
 Set the dynamic threads number (false by default). More...
bool gum::getDynamicThreadsNumber ()
 Get the dynamic thread number adjustment status. More...

Detailed Description

OpenMP wrappers implementation.

Matthieu HOURBRACQ and Pierre-Henri WUILLEMIN

Definition in file OMPThreads_inl.h.