aGrUM  0.14.1
fixedAllocator.h File Reference

Headers of gum::FixedAllocator. More...

#include <mutex>
#include <thread>
#include <agrum/agrum.h>
#include <agrum/core/smallobjectallocator/fixedAllocator_inl.h>
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class  gum::FixedAllocator
 Allocates objects of one given size. More...
struct  gum::FixedAllocator::__Chunk
 Allocates objects of one given size. More...


 gum is the global namespace for all aGrUM entities

Detailed Description

Headers of gum::FixedAllocator.

Jean-Christophe MAGNAN and Pierre-Henri WUILLEMIN

Definition in file fixedAllocator.h.