aGrUM  0.13.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Generic algorithms
 Approximation Scheme algorithmsAbout aGrUM approximation schemes
 Approximation algorithmsAbout aGrUM approximation policies
 Bayesian Networks
 Inference Algorithms
 Particles Algorithms
 Credal Networks
 Basic data structures
 Hash TablesA efficient and flexible implementation of hash tables
 Hash functionsThis module lists all hash functions provided by aGrUM
 BijectionsSet of pairs of elements with fast search for both elements
 HeapsAn implementation of heaps
 ListsThis file provides class List for manipulating generic lists as well as List<>::iterator, List<>::const_iterator, List<>::iterator_safe and List<>::const_iterator_safe for parsing lists
 Priority queueThis file provides class MultiPriorityQueue that is essentially a heap in which elements are sorted according to a dynamically modifiable priority
 SequencesA Sequence<Key> is quite similar to a vector<Key> in that it stores an ordered set of elements
 SetsA Set is a structure that contains arbitrary elements
 Splay TreesA splay tree is a self-balancing binary search tree
 Factored Markov Decision Process
 Graph representation
 Tools for learning
 Database Manipulations
 Scores and Independence Tests
 Scores A Prioris
 Structural Constraints
 multidimensional tables
 Operators on multidimensional tables
 Function Graphs
 Patterns for multidimensional tables
 Probabilistic Relational Models
 Signaler and Listener
 UtilitiesAbout aGrUM utilities
 MathAll the maths you'll need
 ConfigurationAbout aGrUM configuration
 Smart PointersRefPtr are a replacement for the usual pointers: they keep track of the number of "smart" pointers pointing to a given element